Your GPS to Better Business Success


Bundle and Save!!  Bundle Steps 1, 2 and 3 together and save $220!



We have identified the most important policies and systems that give you fundamental foundations to help you run your business , These modules are simple to follow so create some space in your week and make a difference to your business,bottom line and the team you create.


  1. Overview and Checklist
  2. Business Plan
  3. Consultation Systems
  4. Answering the Phone
  5. Building Client Relationships
  6. Salon Policy and Procedure Manual
  7. How to Run a Successful Meeting
  8. Meeting Agenda



Now it’s time to dig a little deeper into your business. We are going to help you have a clear understanding of all your figures, the important numbers. It’s also time to set up quality systems to gather feedback from our clients and staff, along with a very structured and clear Policy and Procedure Manual and Appraisal Form along with instructions for setting incentives.


  1. Overview and Checklist
  2. Client Feedback Form
  3. Understanding KPIs
  4. Implementing KPIs
  5. Appraisal Forms
  6. The Thirds
  7. Pricing
  8. Incentives
  9. The 5Ps of Customer Service
  10. Mystery Shopper System
  11. Meeting Agenda




With some great systems and procedures now in place, it’s time to cover some more of the little things, and get them right. How can we reduce costs, streamline training, get to know our employees, and build an even better team.  Leave nothing to chance build a team that wants to thrive in your environment with clear sets of guidelines and goals.


  1. Overview and Checklist
  2. Induction Checklist
  3. Training Manuals
  4. Social Media Foundation
  5. Private Facebook Group
  6. Client Service Records
  7. Non Returning Client System
  8. Colour Mix Amounts
  9. Staff Leave Forms
  10. Goal Setting
  11. Circle of Life Balance
  12. Rebooking
  13. Meeting Agenda




Together Stephen Arrizza and Mandy Mattiske have over 50 years experience in the hairdressing industry. Highly regarded as creative stylists and educators, they are also recognized as exceptional salon business leaders, traveling both Australia and Europe delivering their message.

With a successful salon, over 20 staff and a turnover and profit margin that many high end businesses would be proud to boast.  Stephen and Mandy have broken down and simplified how to manage a better and more profitable business, in a language that is easy to understand.


Entertaining, educational and fun. A fantastic evening that I would recommend to anyone. Can’t wait to try these new techniques in the salon tomorrow!”


Today was completely inspiring. I’m now feeling confident and so positive about the path I’m taking – THANK YOU.”


Stephen and Mandy are amazing, inspirational, talented, down to earth trainers who deliver information in a simple, easy to implement fashion.”



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Christmas is just around the corner and I can't believe there is 12 days to go.

Instead of a partridge in a pair tree, i want a salon that’s really stress free. So here are my 12 tips on coping with the busy time until christmas.

1. Self belief, a positive affirmation to start the day.

2. Write a 'things to do list' for the day so your clear on what needs to be done.

3. Drink lots of water .

4. Get up 30 mins earlier, to go for a walk or run, you will be amazed at how energised you will feel and you will be able to cope with more stress.

5. The day before each busy day, just go over the appointment book and check that all the appointments look correct and everybody has been confirmed, try and spot something before it becomes a problem.

6. Remember you are the leader and the motivator for your team so you cant afford to have a bad day.

7. I like to supply lunch for a couple of days over the week before Christmas, my team love food and it creates a great vibe in the salon.

8. If you can make a time with your team for a drink and break up after your last day before christmas give gratitude and thank your team for their hard work.

9. Get to bed early.

10. Encourage your team to look festive and play some christmas carols, not everybody likes to do this, but usually Christmas Eve or the last working day before Christmas we dress up. If anything our clients love it and we have a good laugh.

11. Thank your clients for a great year and make a plan for their new .....New Years hair do.

12. And when all else fails ................DRINK CHAMPAGNE 🍸🍸🍸

Stephen and i would sincerely like to thank everybody we have had the pleasure of meeting this year, all the great people we have reconnected with and thanks for supporting basin education.
We look forward to sharing a new programme next year and we are always a email or call away if you ever need to workshop anything.
Best wishes over your next 12 days of christmas . May the force be with you all.
HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MAY YOUR BUSINESS GROW IN THE NEW YEAR, lots of love from Mandy and Stephen xxxx.
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